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Separating Fact from Fiction in College Athletics

Is being a student-athlete at the next level right for you? Lots of people will share their opinion and that is why you need the facts.

Recruiting Calendar

Division I coaches are limited in when they can communicate with prospective student-athletes. This is outlined in the Recruiting Calendar.

NCAA Eligibility Center

Creating an account in the NCAA Eligibility Center is an important first step in becoming a student-athlete at the next level.

Best Practices when Emailing a Coach

With so much competition, make sure you stand out. Always Include:

  1. Full name
  2. Position
  3. GPA
  4. Contact Info
  5. HS/Club team
  6. Any camps or tournaments you will be attending

Recruiting Definitions

  • Prospective Student-Athlete: A student-athlete who has started classes for the ninth grade, or has received financial assistance or other benefits that the institution does not provide to prospective students generally.
  • Contact: Any off-campus face to face encounter with a prospective student-athlete or parent(s).
  • Official Visit: A visit to any institution by a prospective student-athlete funded in whole or in part by the institution.
  • Unofficial Visit: A visit to the institution at the prospective student-athlete's expense.
  • Contact Period: College coaches are permitted to have in-person contact with you or your legal guardians during the specified time in the recruiting calendar. They can watch you compete and can reach out to you through phone, email or mail during this period.
  • Quiet Period: College coaches cannot watch you play or evaluate you during the period specified on the recruiting calendar, however they are permitted to contact you and provide campus tours.
  • Dead Period: College coaches cannot make in-person contact with you. However, you are permitted to speak over the phone during the period specified in the recruiting calendar.
  • Verbal Commitment: A non-binding agreement between a player and coach.
  • National Letter of Intent (NLI): A binding agreement between an NCAA school and a student-athlete in which the student-athlete agrees to attend the school one year and the school agrees to provide financial aid to the student athlete.