First Coast Crush

First Coast Crush (FC Crush)  was established with North Florida lacrosse players, who are dedicated and committed to elevating their game to the highest level, in mind.  Our focus is fostering a highly competitive learning environment through skill, and age appropriate teams so that no one feels out of place. We have the knowledge, skills, and resources to help you take your game to the next level.

FC Crush – Regional Travel Teams

FC Crush regional TRAVEL teams are designed to get players in North Florida together who want to train, develop, and compete! This is for those dedicated and serious about taking their game to the next level. Following a thorough evaluation, our staff will place players on the team that will best meet their developmental needs. Each team will practice 2 days a week and compete in regional tournaments.  We operate under a seasoned curriculum that’s been built through years of experience and coaching at all levels.

FC Crush Benefits include:

  • Collection of the BEST players in North Florida, so you get to practice and develop with top talent

  • Current high school head coaches who are invested in developing talent for the spring season

  • The most combined caching experience of any team in the South, including multiple coaches with NCAA Division I, II, & III and professional coaching experience

  • Fully dedicated Recruiting Director to guide and assist in managing the recruiting process

  • The most diverse and comprehensive network and direct line to college coaches at all levels

  • Comprehensive development plan with a proven track record

*See our CALENDAR for full schedule